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Bioteb makes the difference
1)Delivery of cosmetics of various types: serums, fluids, oils, creams, gels, vials
2)Self-diagnosis: thanks to a software are collected the data of the fabric to be treated, customizing the treatment on each customer to obtain the best result
3)Delivery guaranteed 100% on each active even at very high molecular weight up to 32 Dalton ( a normal cosmetic usually reaches 10 Dalton)

4) No discomfort during treatment
5) The so-called WATERY CHANNELS are not used, it is believed that the natural pores of the sebaceous and hair glands are more suitable and effective thanks to our technology, as it respects normal physiology and does not interfere by creating forced channels.
The skin is an intelligent organ it has also a barrier role in front of foreign substances, but it is also the mean through which the active ingredients can be conveyed to ensure their best performance. 

Over the years numerous studies have been carried out to improve the penetration of important active ingredients at the epidermal level.
The active ingredients can penetrate the epidermis following different processes, passing through the intracellular or trans cellular pathway, but also taking advantage of polyhedral structures or sweat glands eccrine.

To increase the penetration and diffusion of active ingredients, cosmetics can be conveyed through technologies specifically designed to facilitate penetration, but they usually have limits because the types of products that are able to convey are only aqueous cosmetics or gel, and they also have big limits in conducting large active molecules, thus placing strong restrictions in the possibilities of cosmetic delivery.

Technical Features

Supply voltage 100-240vac

Power supply frequency 50/60hz
Maximum power consumption 35VA @ 230vac - 25VA @ 115vac
Insulation class (EN 60601 - 1) II
Protection (EN 60529 IEC) IP 42
Applied parts of type (all. IX Directive 93/42/EC) BF
Number of outputs 1
Dimensions 320x320x280mm
Weight 8Kg
Operating temperature 0 ~ +40
Storage temperature -20 ~ +40=C
Maximum operating relative humidity 70% in the absence of condensation

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