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Each technology meets the needs of the face and body skin and its imperfections, working on different plans: dermis, muscle, connective, fat and cellulite.
The technologies used in synergy, create customized protocols on each customer, responding to all needs. They create a complete working method for unprecedent results.

Bioteb regenerates and repairs tissues by working at the level of the dermis and conveying the active cosmetics in depth, thus giving the precious substances that repair the tissues improving the imperfections of the entire body, face, breast and hands.

Caci Synergy is made up of 6 different technologies for a service to 360° on the facial skin. This aesthetic technology works in an excellent and unique way to obtain a muscle facial lifting, thighs and buttocks.


Linesmooth has 4 technologies that act on connective and fat metabolism and detoxification.

Bexteri’s choice and philosophy is non-invasiveness, they are aesthetic technologies that respect the physiology of the body and cells. None of our aesthetic technologies cause pain.

The contraindications are the same as any other aesthetic technology, the difference is that sensitive areas such as eyes and lips or breasts can also be treated, due to their non-invasiveness and the use of highly effective soft frequencies.

We are available for maintenance, repair and overhaul of our aesthetic technologies. The technical manager in charge of training is always available to answer your questions and help you to work with your customers in the best way possible.

Si, si possono usare dei prodotti cosmetici creati ad hoc per rendere ancora più attivo il trattamento e raggiungere così degli ottimi risultati. Bexteri offre linee di prodotti studiate appositamente. Visita il nostro shop.

Yes, we do. If you are a beauty centre or a spa, you can send a request for information and commercial conditions by sending an email with your data, using the following form.


    Write us through the form to make an appointment at our company or directly in your Beauty Center. Our demonstrations are free and without obligation.


      We have activated an e-commerce only for professionals. To access you must send the request via the form.


        Every aesthetic technology necessarily requires training to acquire the information and skills needed to work properly. Training is an important value to us and is free of charge.

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        You can send an email with all your data:

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to the following address: info@bexteri.it


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